dream states
9. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

A Walk With QUIL

QUILBut I don’t know why you, why you got to be so contagious…
by Walter Price   The rain was falling in a cool autumn drizzle as I headed down Ensteintraße turning right onto the larger Antonienstraße going someplace redundant. Scrolling through my phone’s music library nothing was fitting the bill as I tried Rival Sons, Joplin, NWA, Willie until the silken sounds of QUIL’s Alexis Quinn eased into my ears filling my needs with the Oklahoma duo’s Dream States…An impressive and cohesive album of personal tales unfolding over delicate and solid production that I would like to think couldn’t have been made without a day like this in mind.  I had to stand outside my destination as I finished the last two tracks and wondered if the weatherman will call for rain tomorrow…  

QUIL: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp

Band: Alexis Quinn / Troy J Brainard