Maija Sofia
8. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

Maija Sofia The Girl Who Pulled the Sun Down

Maija SofiaI hope what you’re looking for can be found, but would you even notice if I let go now?

by Walter Price


Maija Sofia is a voice with bewitched and whimsical notions spelled out in low key lullaby sounds that immediately captivate. She couldn’t have picked a better time of year to release a new single, “The Girl Who Pulled the Sun Down”. Lyrically epic really is the track that is beyond clever in word play in a tale I comfortably reckon is a first and third person Q&A on need and want. The stars of the new one are still Sofia’s ethereal delivery that moves so well between shadowy haunts and mischievous flirts with irony just as her song writing style.  “The Girl Who Pulled the Sun Down” is gorgeous as the seasons colors change and you eagerly anticipate not knowing what tomorrow will be.


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