The Wanton Bishops
4. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why The Wanton Bishops

The Wanton BishopsTo be a musician in Beirut is probably the thing that you can do that is most against the odds, ever… – TWB
by Walter Price   I get into these short but brief conversations about what is played out and what is too far into hipster town to care about. These conversations usually stray into familiar territories of style vs. substance and earnestness in music. When you see an article on another band leaning heavy on the blues revival phenomenon that never seems to cease  you know these conversations are near. My recent discovery of The Wanton Bishops (Eddy Ghosein and Nader Mansour) momentarily caused such conversations with folks in the know from around the globe… substance in sounds won again. I ran across this band over at Real Rock And Roll and from the first few bars of their track “Sun Rising” and the first few lines stampeding from vocalist Nader Mansour lips by way of his weathered soul I was hooked. The familiar two piece blues thing didn’t even register at first but then the thoughts of the complexities of the deep rooted textures produced by the array of instrumentation and the realism in the band’s power kicked me in the proverbial cojones Explosive. The Wanton Bishops are Beirut’s gift to modern Rock N Roll with a heavy twist of historic Delta blues laced rock done with passion, authenticity and blistering raw power.  Here are 3 Reasons Why The Wanton Bishops and get your eager hands on a copy of Sleep With The Lights On.   The Wanton Bishops Facebook / Twitter / Website / iTunes