30. November 2016 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Headbrain

Headbrain – In which death-defying acts of musical improvisation form an unnatural yet wondrous alliance with art, film, dance and poetry.”


by Walter Price


New Jersey’s improvisational 3-piece Headbrain is experimenting in areas unfamiliar to me, and this is attractive. Headbrain (Elizabeth Walsh, Carl Baggaley, Adam Budofsky) isn’t content with stretching and twisting sounds into wildly interesting landscapes alone. As I found on YouTube, the art collective reaches further, if not darker, and has released a few mind bomb clips to solidify this thought. By far the most intriguing music video is the Adam Morrow directed “The Day the Earth Turned to Stone”. The video follows the star as he journeys through freaks and suburban bleakness in search of his brain. It has to be seen. And that will get you started with 3 Reasons Why Headbrain.

And you can hear an interview with Headbrain’s Elizabeth Walsh on an upcoming From the Keller Podcast.


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