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2. March 2016 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why CLUTCH

Clutch albums But someday, baby, you ain’t gonna worry my life anymore…
by Walter Price   This may seem an odd one, CLUTCH”s die hard fan base is legend. I know these people, some are so irritating with their love and knowledge of the Maryland outfit it borders on lusty insanity. That’s cool, but it is/was some of these knuckleheads who turned me off to getting into the band in the first place. It was like a club I had no interest in even feigning any sort of effort to enter. This is now and I have seen the error of my ways. After a lifelong buddy posted his jogging playlist, which included Helmet and I made a comment, “Helmet, the band with 1 1/2 good albums…” I felt silly and dialed up a Helmet playlist on Spotify and decided the band had a tremendous répertoire and got me to thinking, “Who else have I been ridiculously shunning for no reason.”. CLUTCH. I have spent the past week neck deep in a what seems like an endless catalogue of studio albums, live recordings etc and I am a man of great pride when it comes to my opinions and I am also a man who will eat my hat if need be on matters of being so damn wrong it is embarrassing. Realizing after all this time how many bands are imitations of CLUTCH’s legacy, I felt like an idiot for not loving this band all along. I know I hear it is as well, the redemptive epiphany string music slowly swell… Let’s drown it out with 3 Reasons Why CLUTCH!   Spacegrass (1995) ALBUM: Clutch   The Mob Goes Wild (2004) ALBUM: Blast Tyrant    Electric Worry (2007) ALBUM: From Beale Street to Oblivion