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21. June 2015 By Walter Price 1

3 Reasons Why Tom Keifer

tom keifer musicMany blossoms line the streets a thousand colors that I could choose
And I’m trying to imagine the taste of all the petals I must refuse


by Walter Price

It isn’t any secret that the era of hair metal seemed to pass with little interest in prolonging the credibility of the handful of actual great songwriters hidden underneath wild get-ups, make-up and spandex. In 1986 Cinderella released what is to remain one of the best hair metal albums of alltime, Night Songs. An album with depth, glam swagger and personality many of their contemporaries lacked. After a string of successful albums and too many kickass tours to count band mastermind Tom Keifer blew out his powerful voice and all seemed a dirty rock n’ roll tragedy

Then, in April 2013 the man unleashed ‘The Way Life Goes’, a stunning work in slightly different direction from what Cinderella fans may have expected but this is Tom Keifer and he does what he wants and it works. Ten years in the making The Way Life Goes is a Rock N’ Roll testimate to survival, talent, rock passion and a whole bunch of hell yeah.

Here are three reasons why Tom Keifer (solo).


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