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4. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Ten-79

alt rockby Walter Price   From the probably not the first place you think of for right on indie / alt-rock York, England comes a band I’ve been digging for a while. Since they released thier pretty amazing ‘Love, Life & Lies’ album in June 2014. You may remember that I gushed at it’s retro textures of the glory alt rock days when Athens, Georgia was churning out college radio classic by bands that would soon become household names. What I said exactly was, “From a pub in Athens, Georgia, wait a minute…From York, England comes a killer band of seemingly down to Earth players, Ten-79, offering up their debut full-length Love, Life & Lies. An album that finds Gary Luckhurst, Jim Cadwallender, Wally Youngman and Brian liveHartington modernizing the sounds reminiscent of the Athens, GA or any college town’s house-party and club scenes that ultimately created the indie music culture of the 80’s/early 90’s. R.E.M. and Pylon’s love child perhaps with a dusting of Widespread Panic and they rock that heritage with plenty of barroom gusto and loads of heart. This is a band that truly shines in their minimal imperfections. Take a listen to Luckhurst’s voice and you’ll see our point…” I still agree with me.The band’s songwriting (and vocals) reach beyond barroom intrigues and college days musings. Aptly like their debut album’s title suggests. As the band appears to be working out thoughts and sonic directions for a new release and before they do so I thought it wise to showcase 3 reasons why Ten-79.   Ten-79: Facebook / iTunes / Reberbnation