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11. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why DESTROY SHE SAID: 5 Years and Counting

australian rock

foto by Niiso Photography

Destroy She Said, the hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia are a grinding, incessant machine fuelled by a heady diet of classic Aussie rock…

by Walter Price


That thunder you hear gearing up is Melbourne’s no-nonsense rockers Destroy She Said (Simon -Youngy – Dave – Bo – Nick) preparing to celebrate 5 years as Australia’s undisputed, underrated and skull blasting unapologetic Rawk N’ Rollers. Five years since they hit a local studio as guitarist Youngy described it, “…the idea came around when we realized that this July marks 5 years since we first went into a tiny little studio in Collingwood Melbourne and banged out our debut EP in about 5 hours at a cost of $600.”

The idea he’s talking about is a 10” series of reissues (via Rawkuss)  kicking off in July of the band’s previous catalog as well as a new video/single, “These 10″ vinyl releases are all leading up to the new single “Letter To Odetta” which will hopefully be issued as a single cd , 7″ clear vinyl and digital version.” Youngy tells me. He also added about the new single, “A ripper track, the closest thing you’ll get to a DSS love song epic vocals and musically we have branched out.”

So as the band, a band who has been without paying for heavy promotion and grown its fanbase by hard rockin’ and honest DIY approaches, prep all this glory for their 5 year anniversary, let’s go 3 Reasons Why Destroy She Said.


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