German rock
10. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

The Roaring 420s Blue Jay

German rock

foto by Carl Ahner

by Walter Price


Germany’s The Roaring 420’s  have a new clip out as they ready a new release, A follow up to the tripped out psych offering ‘What is Psych’, that found the retro laid-back outfit on a substantial tour with The Blank Tapes last year.

The DECAP Production clip for “Blue Jay” is from that same album. It humorously follows a fella on search for what feels good in, depending on how you look at it, failed attempts. Look, the stories ‘hero’ does have a smile on his face as he ends the day being tied up  by a sweet looking cocaine dealing bearded woman.Side note: is it just me our does the band’s drummer Luluu resemble Michelle Phillips circa 1968

I recommend stay away from drugs when possible but enjoy this ‘highly’ entertaining music video.


The Roaring 420’s: Facebook / Bandcamp