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New Music: J.P. Kallio – ‘Only Son’

jp sonBy J.P. Kallio

It’s been 18 years this summer since I left Finland behind and moved over to Ireland. Dublin has been my home since then and it has had a very definitive effect in whom I have grown out to be. I don’t make it to Finland often enough, but it seems the longer I have been away from there the stronger I feel there is a small part of me that will never leave me. Small part that defines who I am. And rightly so, I am a proud Finnish man after all.

But when I do make it back to Finland and walk the streets of Helsinki, it makes me feel like so many things have changed. Of course in 18 years many things have, but also so have I. This is what this week’s song, “Only Son” is all about.

Also this is the first song from a collaboration I have been doing with a new friend of mine multi- talented Matthew Gillian. He has helped me out with a few tracks on the new album. And his work on this song really made the song for me. Watch this space, we have more collaborations lined up. Matthew you’re the man!

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