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Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 28 July – 3 August 2014

Markéta Irglová 

A new week, a new month and all is looking sweet! Henry Rollins once said of August, “August brings into sharp focus and a furious boil everything I’ve been listening to in the late spring and summer.” Sounds good….

No one stopped by to chat with us last week but that is all good as July we had the killer opportunities to talk with some of the best artists making music these days. We sincerely send huge thanks to Markéta Irglová, Black Swift, Sliotar,The Naysayers, Warm Soda, I Am Kloot, Cobra Ramone, Silent Kid, Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band and The Donkeys for stopping by our humble pages. You are all true blasters of sounds!

Plus, hey, It is The GTC’s Birthday! Come by Facebook and say hi….Yabba Yabba!

Here is what was read the most this past week as well as all of July. Cheers!

Your GTC Weekly Top 10

  1. MarkétaIrglová Muna
  2. Happy Birthday! Global Texan Chronicles Turns 1
  3. Alle Royale Goes Back For His Future
  4. I Am Kloot
  5. Things You Can Buy Today 30 July 2014
  6. You will not believe it until you see it…
  7. Finding The Right Studio Engineer…
  8. Mojo Nixon Hit With 57
  9. James Hetfield Zany 51
  10. New Music: Only Son
Your GTC Top 10 For July 2014
  1. Markéta
    Irglová Muna
  2. I Am Kloot:
    The Best Is To Come
  3. Cobra Ramone:Guns Blazing
  4. Captain Royale’ Yacht Rock, Ahoy!
  5. Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 7 – 13 July 2014
  6. The Naysayers: Fools Gold Rush
  7. 10 Reasons Why Your Band Won’t Succeed
  8. Black Swift:The World Howls
  9. Happy
    Birthday! Global Texan Chronicles Turns 1
  10. Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band
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