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Global Texan Chronicles Turns 1 Year Old…

photo (8)Someone is celebrating their First Birthday and it is… Global Texan Chronicles!

That is correct; August 1st, 2013 we set out to create a webspot that would be all about the music, the artists, the events and the news that tickled our fancy and kept our personal speakers full of sounds and all the while being arrogance free. Not a place that was worried about content content content but a good time corner on the web to share the music makers who are, who have been and (with all of our and your support) continue making the music they want to make and want us to experience.

We The Ole GTC have been extremely fortunate to chat with a large number of these exact sort of talented artists over the past year and we would love to Thank Them. So, JT ColdfireClara LuziaJames HarriesLittle BraveTexas Hippie CoalitionJohn David KentAndrea SchroederThe Blank TapesThe Laundry ShopLowland HumScott MatthewGolden KanineEmma6Empire EscapeCody JohnsonAaron WatsonSmall JacketsNowhere TrainMAMMOTH MAMMOTHTen BensonHellsingland UndergroundThe Mercy KillsThe NaysayersCreem CircusThe New RosesBrian MilsonChris Leigh & The Broken HeartsWarm SodaNeal CasalDrillerBlack Joe LewisLovers ElectricChristine McKinleyKen StringfellowCharlie DanielsHurricane LoveDestroy She SaidAD RowntreeTemperance MovementSummer CampFree FallGoldie Lookin ChainThe Travis WaltonsSkinny ListerTerry Lee HaleThe Boxer RebellionRival SonsFaz WaltzArkellsEvan Egerer and the TribeThe GraveltonesJ.P. KallioThe Violent YearsJamIn The VanTeiturAll The Luck In The WorldMatt West/Mr. SoulAnnie Girl& The FlightQuilStrobegirlThe Electric AlleyTurin BrakesGreasy Spoonbe the moonThe WalkaboutsScreamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap YA Mama BandEveryone Is DirtyI Am KlootThe DonkeysSilent KidCobra RamoneBlack Swift & Markéta Irglová….We Sincerely thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us and we look forward to hearing from you again!

Over the past year we have made some changes, tried some things out and goofed here and there and you let us know, usually by ignoring the sucky this and that’s we’ve published. Anyone remember Walter Price’s bit about the first time he saw Sammy Hagar in concert or the article about Johnny Paycheck? Yeah, no one does. That’s cool; you win some and lose many on this world.

If you had to ask what the greatest bit of fun we’ve had, it would have to be each and every one of you who have stopped by from time to time to look at what we’ve been up to. We hug you. Our second year will be over the moon!

Some of you have already discovered that we’re building a new web-location and there’s  a BETA site out there somewhere. Sure, it’s ugly and cheesy right now but this is where you can be a part of the new GTC. Send us what you’d like to see in our second year, new site and what have ya and we’ll consider all things non- ‘send us to the penitentiary’.

And finally we would like to mention all the GTC contributors; Alle Royale, J.P. Kallio, Ken Michaels, Claudia Price, A. Michael Uhlmann and Walter Price. It has been a blast and sharing our thoughts… indeed!

Enough of all that, it’s our birthday and we’re gonna crack a few cold ones and marvel at things oh yeah and right on.

Cheers Everyone!

We Heart You,


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