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Your Weekly GTC Top Ten: 21 – 27 April 2014

We can and will send huge waves of gratitude towards Annie Girl & The Flight for chatting with us this past week.  They have a stellar EP Pilot Electric hitting the streets 2 May. You should check out what we think will be one of the best indie-pop/rock releases of the year.
What else is new? Terry Lee Hale is on the road in support of his must have The Long Draw, we took a look at EDM vs. Rock N’ Roll, Ozzy essentially thinks there aren’t that many real rock stars these days, Robert Plant doesn’t think Led Zeppelin will reform on stage, Afghan Wigs are having a grand comeback and women love musicians.
The more ya know…

We hope you have some extra cash left over from the weekend drinking binge(s), there are many a great album being released this week. More on that starting tomorrow.
Thanks again for stopping by the ole GTC to see all the music goings on! Here is a look at what was read, clicked or just plain glanced over this past week.
Your GTC Weekly Top 10

  1. Johnny Cash Is ‘Out Among The Stars’.
  2. Annie Girl & The Flight.
  3. EDM Is It….
  4. Tour: Imperial State Electric.
  5. Matt West Is Mr. Soul.
  6. Things You Can By Today 22 April 2014.
  7. Tour: Terry Lee Hale.
  8. Chris Robinson Brotherhood.
  9. NEWS?: Apparently Women Love Musicians…Its Science.
  10. EELS The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett.
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