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Your Weekly GTC Top 10: 28 April – 4 May 2014

Faz Waltz (Photo: Mircalla Broglio)

Well, that was an interesting past week indeed. 
We learned that banning guitars in British prisons makes Johnny Marr and Billy Bragg sad, Mastodon are still way cooler than almost everyone, Ginger Baker is our favorite curmudgeon with new music and we found out that Glitterhouse Records have the internets going gaga over their recently released Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions.
Dynamite stuff really. 
For the first time in who knows how long the #1 spot on the super nifty GTC Weekly Top Ten isn’t held by an artist article proper. Who knew…And it was a week of ballsy rock resurgence on our humble pages as well. As we watched our sweet sweet sweet interviews with Faz Waltz and Rival Sons explode back onto the most read list for the week. Seems completely appropriate and right-on to us! 
We would like to welcome guest blogger J.P. Kallio to our pages as well. His thoughts on making music and his review of Jason Isbell more than made their marks and we can dig it.
Thanks again for stopping by. You have no idea of how cool we think you are for checking out our musings on this and that around the music scenes. 
Here is what was read, clicked on or accidentally discovered on your way to your fave free porn site. Cheeky…
Win the world and have a grand week.
GTC Weekly Top 10 Links
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  3. What Comes First, Art Or Money?.
  4. Review: Jason Isbell- ‘Southeastern’.
  5. Things You Can Buy Today 29 April 2014.
  6. NEWS: British Prison Ban Steel-String Guitars.
  7. Mastodon Once More & Tour.
  8. NEWS: Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions.
  9. Rival Sons Are Maximum R&B.
  10. Ginger Baker Premiers New Track.
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