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Your Top 5 GTC Stories for 27 September 2013

Black Joe Lewis – ‘Electric Slave’
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Good Friday to All Of You Friends!

Today’s Top 5 GTC stories is really pretty cool, statistically speaking….

Ten Benson took a slight tumble to #3 with an increase in reads and people are really enjoying the sweetness of Claudia Price’s “On Memory Lane” series. Then there is the review of Black Joe Lewis‘ ‘Electric Slave’, France, Germany and the USA are very attracted to what Alle Royale had to say about this phenomenal artist!

The most important thing about today’s Top 5, is you! Thanks you again for stopping off to see what goings on we have to offer…

Have a very wonderful weekend…As you read this, we are working on more fantastic stories, interviews and reviews for you! 

Your Top 5 Story Links (click & enjoy)

  1. Review: Black Joe Lewis – ‘Electric Slave’
  2. Claudia Price On Memory Lane Pt. 3
  3. Ten Benson Here Again!
  4. Meet The Mercy Kills
  5. Claudia Price On Memory Lane Pt. 2

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