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Your Top 10 GTC Articles For The Week 7 – 13 October 2013

Neal Casal – ‘Sweeten The Distance’

Good Monday Morning!

Let’s have a look at what went on over here at The GTC this past week.

Claudia Price had the opportunity to chat up the fantastic Neal Casal and his words and music really hit a chord. Propelling his interview into the top-spot!

The week also watched as GTC favorites Warm SodaMammoth Mammoth The Mercy Kills all jump around the top of the good ole chart…

All in all, this past week was the absolute best week The GTC has had in our short but growing history! 

So an extremely large THANK YOU to all of you who came by to see what goings on we had about the place! We’re having a blast and we love that your along for the experience. 

Your Top 10 Article Links (click & enjoy)

  1. Neal Casal Keeps On Truckin’
  2. Warm Soda Bring The Power Pop Flavor!
  3. Mammoth Mammoth Are Sittin’ Pretty (NSFW)
  4. Review: The Mercy Kills – ‘ Happy to Kill You’
  5. This Week’s GTC Vote Goes To…
  6. Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Music’
  7. Meet The Mercy Kills
  8. Coolest Music Video: Hank Williams Jr.
  9. All Aboard the Nowhere Train
  10. Chris Leigh: The Only Way He Knows How
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