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Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 14 – 20 April 2014

Matt West is Mr. Soul
Happy Easter Monday Friends…
Due to all the holiday festivities this past week we didn’t publish any new interviews or reviews but there was interesting news out and about the music landscape. 
Neil Young dropped a new covers album, we found out that old school music formats(vinyl, cassette & CD) are still doing great business, Tony Iommi is doing well, Win Butlersays what we’ve all been thinking about Coachella and a bit of rock history needs saving…Check out the stories behind these to the right of this page.
As for our trusty Weekly Top 10: Mr. Soul (Matt West) repeats at the #1 spot for the past week with news on the EEL’s new album arousing lots of interest as well. 
We watched Andrea Schroeder fall out of the most read list for the first time since we published the review of her moving track Ghosts Of Berlin back on 9 February. 2 1/2 months on the top 10, that’s almost a record! 
Hey, you, Thank You for stopping by on your holiday week off from work or drinking binge(s) to see what goings on we had this past week! You are #1 to us! We invite to continue to do so as we should have some exciting GTC news coming very soon…Can You Dug It! 
Here is a look at what was read, clicked on or just looked at with passing interest this past week…
Your GTC Top 10 Links
  1. Matt West Is Mr. Soul.
  2. Things You Can Buy Today 15 April 2014.
  3. EELS The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett.
  4. Jam In The Van Are Sound Cruisin’.
  5. Ten Benson Here Again.
  6. TYTUS – White Lines.
  7. tEitUR.
  8. TOUR: Black Joe Lewis.
  9. ‘The Beatles Man’ Ken Michaels Is On-Air!.
  10. Your GTC Weekly Top 10: 7 – 13 April 2014.
Countries of Audience Origins
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  3. Italy 
  4. Ukraine
  5. Spain 
  6. UK
  7. Austria 
  8. Norway
  9. Russia
  10. Moldova (Wait, Moldova? Glad to see ya!)
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