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Your GTC Top 5 Stories: 18 September 2013

Paul McCartney -‘NEW’
Out 14 October 2013

Hello Friends of The GTC!

Here is a look at your current GTC Top 5 Stories.

JT Coldfire  slipped from first place, a review of Mark Knopfler‘s ‘Privateering’ is on the rise and Golden Kanine found their way back into the top 5!

All and all, a great few days here at The GTC, thanks to all of you who stop by to check this and that out…

Your Top 5 Story Links

  1. Thoughts On Sir Paul & The Beatles’ New Releases
  2. Review: Mark Knopflrer – ‘Privateering’
  3. JT Coldfire: The Hardest Working Musician In Austin
  4. The Day of Hank Williams Sr.
  5. Golden Kanine: We Were Wrong, Right?

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