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Your GTC Top 10 May 2014

(Photo: Alex Ruffini)
Hey May, we hardly knew ya.
We offer a tremendous amount of gratitude towards the artists who stopped by the ole GTC to chat with us about their music, plans and more.  Strobegirl, Q.U.I.L.,  Faz La Rocca (Faz Waltz) and TYTUS. Stay in touch ya’ll, we’ll be listening.
May also taught us some wanted, unexpected and some just ‘huh?’. Like that Robert Plant must be extremely irritating to work with, Sebastian Bach is hilariously right-on, our love for Grace Slick was once again cemented, Michael Jackson may be deader than a door nail but that doesn’t stop the label man from trying to squeeze every last cent from his fans.
We also learned this past month that Chris Knight, Jason Isbell, John Moreland and Willie Watson are all the real deal Americana, folk and country goodness. We dig it. What about Dave Grohl’s new TV show, The Jayhawks reissues and tour, Morrissey wants you to know that world peace isn’t your business, Dolly Parton is still tops in sounds, Southern Rock isn’t all that redneck after all and The Kills may or may not have disappeared but they have returned regardless. Yeah! Oh, Tom Morello turned 50…Uh, hmm.
That is just a smattering of things that we experienced, for better or worse, during the month of May. Just what, pray tale, will June have up it’s proverbial sleeve…
TYTUS was the clear cut #1 for the month of May. Straight up Rock N’ Roll from this Italian group seemed to resonate with everyone across the board. Killer.

Here is a look at the complete Top 10 articles from the month. Thank You for stopping over to see all music related banter we had going on. It was one of the best months in The GTC’s short history. Cheers!


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