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Your GTC Top 10 For April 2014

Matt West Is Mr. Soul

My my hey hey, April is gone, May is here to stay…for 31 days anyway

First, huge thanks to the artists who made time in their music making schedules to chat with us this past month. Yes you, Mr. Soul (Matt West), Annie Girl & The Flight and Teitur. Oh, and All The Luck In The World. You’re all making the world a better place.
Also, have you noticed our new look? Have seen that our article are easier to find? Yes, no or maybe? Let us know what you think of it all…
We still have new things comin’ your way so stay tuned or come again…
We truly appreciate you stooping by to check out the pages of this humble little thing we call The GTC. We love finding, rediscovering and sharing this and thats about music makers who are making things just that much better for us all. 
Here is a look at the top ten articles that resonated with you and everyone else this past month. We have no hand in this list, its based on pure clicks and reads numbers etc…
Your GTC Top 10 April 2014
  1. Matt West Is Mr. Soul.
  2. Annie Girl & The Flight.
  3. Johnny Cash Is ‘Out Among The Stars’.
  4. tEitUR.
  5. EELS The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett.
  6. Which Comes First, Art Or Money?.
  7. Review: Johnny Cash – ‘Out Among The Stars’.
  8. TYTUS – ‘White Lines’.
  9. Andrea Schroeder: Ghosts Of Berlin.
  10. All The Luck In The World.

Audience Origins
  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. Italy 
  4. UK
  5. Russia
  6. France
  7. Spain
  8. Ireland
  9. China
  10. Ukraine

All Time GTC Top 5
  1. Rival Sons Are Maximum R&B.
  2. Neal Casal Keeps on Truckin’.
  3. Imperial State Electric: ‘Reptile Brain Music’.
  4. Walter Price’s Top 10 Singles 2013.
  5. Review: The Winery Dogs.
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