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20. September 2016 By Walter Price 0

Your Band Name Sucks

Your Band Name Sucks


band name


by Global Texan


Coming up with a band name or an alias for those basement dwelling singer-songwriters looking for a nice disguise to hide your fears, The GTC team has decided to come up with some fresh (allegedly) ideas each week in what we are calling, Your Band Name Suck.

This week’s suggestion:




Origin: Funny you ask. This is the German title fro Season 2 Episode 8 of Girls, which it was called “It’s Back” in the United States of America. The episode where Hannah get’s her OCD back in the mix and it’s hard to watch. You know you think it’s due to one strand of anxiety but find out in Season 3 it really has to do with one thing never thought of or perhaps expected to say the least…oh television. Anyhoo, the word actually means ‘relapse’ in German.

Thoughts: To be fair, the German way, ‘Rückfall’, or the English meaning(s) ‘it’s back’ or ‘relapse are all great band name ideas and could cover any genre.


Totally unrelated songs




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