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3 Reasons Why Brownish Black

Brownish Black Life Lessons

brownish black band


by Walter Price


Being spoiled while growing up on the soul and R&B of the mid to late 60’s and on through the 70’s I have this thing about authenticity. And let’s face it, for decades many artist have tried to capture those eras in the seemingly brownish black bandendless soul revival movement(s).

Some have gone the routes of over-produced pop incarnations with great commercial success. But what is often missing, and some forget to remember, is the atmosphere; the ambiance of those bygone eras. Years when these two genres where at their gritty sexy best. That vibe of those fabled smoke filled studios from Detroit, Philly, Chicago and as far away as London where the best of these sounds and artists lingered and produced legend. Times and places when the room was as much a part of the band, part of the sound as any instrument or performer.

From my vantage point I can not speak of the room the band made their album; Portland’s Brownish Black are doing something wonderfully garage with their updated blend of soulful R&B sounds that hit the core and vibe of times past. Their self.released album Life Lessons hits spots of pure retro brilliance with a great mix of the now. There is something about the familiar coziness of the recording that truly takes me back to places.

“I am very proud of this body of work, of my bandmates and of our producer/engineer, John Neff for what we all created together.  It’s a modern, original soul album.  I’m hoping that with it, we can help push forward the R&B genre a little with our creative and interesting take on what has come before us.  I have a good feeling that public will dig it for years to come.  A lot of love went into the making of it, so I expect some to come back.” – MDSharbatz

Let’s go 3 reasons Why Brownish Black.


Brownish Black: Facebook / Website  / Bandcamp

Michael David:-  Lead Vocals/Guitar
Ethan Boardman -: Percussion
mub FRACTAL -: Bass/Vocals
Rob Taylor -: Lead Guitar
Stephanie Shea -: Tenor Sax
Don Malkemus -: Trumpet
Marco Fusaro -: Baritone/Alto Sax



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