14. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Xavier Naidoo: No Stopping Him

By C. Price
Xavier Naidoo and I go way back to my years in school, I used to call him my boyfriend and yes, laugh! He still is one of Germany’s greatest musicians. It doesn’t even matter if he is playing solo shows or in one of his many other projects like XAVAS (Xavier Naidoo and Kool Savas) or Die Soehne Mannheims. 

He is the man that made his belief in God a main part of his lyrics and what did he get for publicly standing to Christianity? Nothing but critique. Sad isn’t it?! 

This man does everything, he is producer , he is a professor at Mannheims famous Popakademie and occasionally you can see him as an actor.

 In 2003 Naidoo collaberated with Wu Tang Clan member RZA to record one of my all-time favorite singles “Ich kenne nichts (das so schoen ist wie du)”. In March of 2013 he released the record “Mordsmusik” under the name Der Xer and in May of this year Xavier Naidoo released his fifth studio album “Bei meiner Seele”. Imagine his greatness like this: Mr. Soul/R’nB is booked for a Vienna show on August 28th. After a month of selling tickets somebody realized the venue was to small so they book a bigger one. A few weeks later an even bigger venue is booked called Arena Wien. It holds 3000 people. And that is something!

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