World Howls 2014
28. January 2019 By Walter Price 0

FLASHBACK VIDEO: BLACK SWIFT – “Branches & Sticks” (The World Howls 2014)

The World Howls 2014 is available @ iTunes.

the world howls 2014

by Walter Price


It’s only been four years since I became a fan of Black Swift’s modern post-punk collection ‘The World Howls’. Yet, a ton has happened in this small amount of time making the space seem broader (and quicker) than normal. During the past number of years, Sally Grayson has been featured on a popular televised singing competition, a TEDx Talk, released a goto followup album, ‘See Me Human‘, and recently completed another successful crowdfunding effort to finish her forthcoming EP ‘Desert Rain. All this while continuing her collage/visual artworks as well as raising a family. Whew.

As we wait for the new EP to drop, let’s go back to the video that kicked off an interesting indie/DIY career. The track, “Branches & Sticks”, was the introduction to this songwriter’s talent for storytelling and penchant for blending genres of modern-rock sounds. Which would carry throughout the entire debut LP.

Back in 2014, I said of the album, “The World Howls is an impressive collection of vast sounds full of wails and tales in well-produced vignettes. The art of a good story whether it dark, empowering, whimsical, tongue and cheek will always have a place in my brain space. If you can have these descriptions of verses backed by the music of many influences, styles, and ranges on one album, win.”

Let’s flashback and check out the Markus Merkle directed video as it winds through late night cityscapes and the daunting emptiness of desert highways.





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