William Patrick Corgan
12. November 2017 By Walter Price 0

NEW SOUNDS: William Patrick Corgan smashing expectations with solo release Ogilala?

William Patrick Corgan Ogilala is available now on iTunes.

William Patrick Corgan

by Walter Price


William Patrick “Billy” Corgan can conjure a cornucopia of thoughts, expectations, and feelings from fans and naysayers alike. Is he known for being as offbeat in his personal life and ventures as much as he is for his musical output, solo or with the Smashing Pumpkins? Perhaps. But is Mr. Corgan living his dream and forging channels he can cope with? He is and has always been in a state of perpetual motion. And that is freedom.

With his second solo release Ogilala, the songwriter strips down and bares all. And that is where I first recognize one of the beauties of this album. With such bare essentials such as strings, acoustic guitar, and piano there aren’t many places to hide the flaws. The crackled attempts to hit notes that may not be natural to Corgan or the odd lyric here and there become purity its creativity. Enduring. The subsequent ‘beauties’ are vastly subjective and should be discovered by the individual. You’ll soon understand what I mean.

If you want to dwell in what was or what should be in the Corgan-Smashing Pumpkins universes, relax for a spell, forgo expectations and drop the fabled needle on Ogilala and let the raw emotion wash over.

Side notes: Ogilala was produced by Rick Rubin and reunites Corgan with James Iha on track 2, “Processional”. With some backing vocal provided by Dollshead Sierra Swan.  And if you need more of what is, check out Billy Corgan and Joe Rogan get real here.



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