11. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Where In The World Is Citizen Charlie?! (UPDATE)

What ever happened to Norwegian rock act Citizen Charlie? Fronted by powerhouse vocalist/songwriter Christel Forsberg, CC seems to have just, poof, disappeared. 

I first ran into Citizen Charlie on MySpace back in 2006 and later aired the “Beer & Rock n Roll” track from her, not yet released, self titled debut album on my syndicated radio program in 2007. Since then CC has had three critically successful releases, ‘Citizen Charlie’, an EP called ‘Until The Day’ and 2010’s ‘Up Yours’ (Rocksector Records).

Rocksector Records no longer has the band listed on their ‘artists’ roster but you can find ‘Up Yours’ for sale on the labels UK website. 

We’ve checked the band’s Facebook, Skype and Twitter accounts and they all look like they’ve been dormant for the past year or so and we can’t find an official website anyplace. 

If you know what happened to Citizen Charlie or Christel Forsberg, let us know. We’d love to catch up with this amazing voice from Norway!

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Citizen Charlie is alive and well! Doing her thing outside the music business for the moment. I think I will see if we can convince this rock powerhouse out of retirement in the near future. Fingers crossed rock lovers! The world is a better place with CC rockin’ that stage….

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