Vision Video Pictures of You
29. April 2022 By Walter Price 0

VISION VIDEO has THE CURE Pictures of You, covered

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Vision Video Pictures of You

by Walter Price

The Cure’s 1989 crossover juggernaut LP, “Disintegration”, is one of those seminal albums that’s wall-to-wall memory-inducing and, at the time, you’d be hardpressed not to find a cassette copy sliding around on a friend’s floorboards. It also marked an odd moment in music history. Gothy post-punk was going mainstream and, oddly, coming to its original end. Much loved pale-skinned weirdos were having their day in the sun. A scenario that was prefaced just the year before, when Siouxsie and the Banshees broke the commercial seal with their surprisingly popular “Peepshow”, so it was inevitable for The Cure to go BIG.

The last single from that lauded album, “Pictures of You”, was possibly its most beautifully ethereal and sentimental release. Seemingly fit for a John Hughes film that would never happen, this single introduced an entirely new generation to the melancholy world of Robert Smith. This was cool, I guess, but it also marked the end to the magical mystery world many of us diehard fans held sacred. Our little secret was out in the open now. Sigh.

This is now and Athens, Georgia’s Vision Video has it covered. Their version is chockful of respect for the way The Cure performed “Pictures of You” in concert. Which feels far more natural than a carbon copy attempt. The band’s Dusty Gannon shares, “Pictures of You”, is one of those songs that encompasses everything that I love about post-punk music: It’s hauntingly gorgeous, authentically sad, and brilliantly creative and original. We decided to cover the song for live performances before we began our first tour, because it’s one of those songs where you can get lost in the moment, and the audiences always enjoyed it in kind.” Kudos.

Cover songs can be a complicated situation, but not here, Vision Video has killed it on their version of this classic. And you can get lost in the moment by streaming both versions of this hallowed ode to memories, here at the GTC.

Vision Video Pictures of You

Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of The Syndicate PR

Dusty Gannon
Emily Fredock
Jason Fusco
Dan Geller

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“…Emily began to take photos with a disposable camera and a Polaroid. It’s funny, because when you’re on tour, you go to so many cool places and meet so many wonderful people, but it can be hard to remember everything. These pictures that Emily took serve as a physical memory holder now, and it reminds me of how much passion and love we put into our music and live performances, as well as all of the wonderful people we’ve connected with. We decided to record our version of ‘Pictures of You’ to reproduce that feeling.” – D. Gannon

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