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15. August 2018 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Words: Nalle Colt (Vintage Trouble) on the UK ‘getting it’

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“When we first started the band we’d just play club shows in Los Angeles, and we came over to the UK to do the Jools Holland TV show. And all hell broke loose! We didn’t know what it meant to be on Jools Holland, and it just exploded, it was unreal! Our website crashed and all these people kept hounding us, you know? We extended the tour. We were only supposed to do a short tour here and we ended up staying for months. Like I said, you just get it here. There was something about UK people and soul and rock and roll that really fired up. Suddenly we were doing sold out shows everywhere and they moved us to bigger venues – we couldn’t believe it! We were in shock. After that it’s just been going on and on around the world. We’re blessed, you know? I don’t know how it happened. We’re just doing our thing and it’s been very special. We really pay attention to what people think [in the UK]. We have a strong fanbase called Troublemakers – they’re very opinionated!”



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The quote comes from the Georgia Jackson interview for SoundSphere. /  Photo from VT’s Facebook page.  

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