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NEW VIDEO: Billy Momo – “We Need Another Shovel” (EP Umbrellas, Wings And Magic Things)

Umbrellas, Wings And Magic Things is available on iTunes.


by Walter Price


Swedish roots outfit Billy Momo are back with a three-track EP, ‘Umbrellas, Wings And Magic Things’, A follow-up to their phenomenal 2016 release ‘Seven Rivers Wild‘. And in Billy Momo fashion, the band has released a stunning new video for the single, “We Need Another Shovel”.

The world and its political mouthpieces have been running amok, creating topsy-turvy landscapes. Billy Momo, in their time-tested bucolic way of approaching music, has delivered a potent and timely message with ” “We Need Another Shovel”. Only further solidified with the aesthetics rich video for the single. The Kola Productions produced film finds the band going back to ‘simpler’ time, working the land and being rewarded with the results.

But we have to dig deeper to stand up tall.
We’re working on the build-up
But we’re all afraid to fall
We have to dig deeper to stand up tall.
We need another shovel
but we don’t know who to call

There’s backbone and hope
But we need more rope
We will pull all the stops
Wash our mouth with soap
Fill up with sugar or dope
Even the weakest arm could pick us up

The era we’re all living in, surviving in, could use a little bit of hope and if that call comes from a track like “We Need Another Shovel”…I think, or I would love to believe, confident days are just around the bend.


Billy Momo

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(article cover photo by  Marco Glijnis)


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