5. March 2014 By Walter Price 0

TYTUS – White Lines

artwork by Dario Pepper Maggiore
By Alle Royale
Gonzales are dead, long live Tytus! Italian punk’n’roll five piece from hell, Gonzales, in the last years had been making a name for themselves in the international underground scene, touring extensively through Italy and Germany, producing two full lengths, an EP and a bunch of singles that moved from the punk roots of the beginnings, passing through a Detroit/Scandinavian Rock phase and arriving to a more classic hard rock format in the last year’s EP “Blues On The Verge Of Apocalypse”.
All these turns have been mirroring not only some line ups changes, but also an ever growing stylistic and technical maturation. Adding a second lead guitar, almost inevitably, brought the band to embrace some heavier approach, starting to produce more elaborate songs without losing one ounce of their innate rock’n’roll attitude.
What we have now is a new band, Tytus, rooted in the dirty aristocracy of Gonzales’ past and running, fuming on all cylinders, toward the future of hard rock with this brand new 7 inches “White Lines”; we at GTC heard it in advance, and we can tell you, in all honesty, that this is, by all means, a double A-side single, since both the songs are so good they will leave you salivating for some more guitar bravado and melodic hooks.
If you knew Gonzales, you know that they were, and still are, simply one of the best European hard rock’n’roll outfits out there, if you still don’t…it’s time to welcome Tytus!
Tytus: Facebook / Website