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…borrow my eyes, SINGLE: TUNIC – Fade Out

Tunic – Exhaling LP is available for pre-order at Apple Music, Bandcamp, Artoffact Records.

Winnipeg’s purveyors of thought-provoking noise rock, TUNIC, have dropped a blazing and inspired new track titled “Fade Out”. Vocalist David Schellenberg explains the song’s daunting backstory, “Fade Out” was written about the co-owner of a venue in Winnipeg which I co-own and operate. His MS diagnosis caused him to lose sight in one eye, leading him to eventually leave his position. It was heartbreaking to watch and I can’t even begin to imagine what he felt going through this experience.

“It shows the natural evolution of our sound, with a little more melody and traditional songwriting than our previous work. The lyrics, “I bury my face and cry“, sum up the period of my life this song captures. It was so hard to watch this person I care about go through such a difficult time in his life. I did as much as I could to help him out, but at the end of the day after work I would go home and cry.”

If you need some emotional and crunchy rock n roll that’ll take you to the places Sonic Youth, Quicksand, and/or Handsome do, then take this slice of dynamite for a stream and a scream. The track comes from the forthcoming ‘Exhaling’ LP, expected on April 9th via Artoffact Records.

You can stream both “Fade Out” as well as the band’s top Spotify tracks, now at the GTC.


Band Photo by Adam Kelly

David Schellenberg (Guitar / Vocals)
Rory Ellis (Bass)
Dan Unger (Drums)

Watch the video for “Fade Out”, here.


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I’m not one to write about situations/emotions that I haven’t lived through, I need that catharsis of screaming about these things over and over again. These are all things that have unfolded in my life and I use Tunic as a coping mechanism.” – D. Schellenberg

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