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14. June 2017 By Walter Price 0

Global Texan Chronicles Podcast: Trebuchet

Trebuchet has their catalog on Bandcamp.


The GTC Podcast’s Walter chats with Trebuchet’s Navid, Paul, Lauren and Elliot about their new album Volte-Face. They also discuss Cultural Appropriation, funding the arts for children, Oak Ridge Boys and more. Plus two new tracks!

If you like Band of Horses, Beirut (the band), Local Natives…you’ll dig Trebuchet.


From the recent track by track Trebuchet’s “Volte-Face”:


Petaluma, California indie-pop group Trebuchet’s new album  “Volte-Face” is deeply rooted. Rooted in depths etching thoughts of struggle, forgiveness, hope, love in tracks beautifully constructed. With every listen, new textures unfold in cinematic landscapes. Music is therapy, bending the author’s words into your own realities are the reasons we all remember moments in time when that imperative song or album plays.  Trebuchet’s  “Volte-Face” is instantly one of those time and space albums. Immediately tangible, long lastingly thoughtful.

Trebuchet’s Eliott Whitehurst stopped by to go track by track “Volte-Face” but before he got started he had this to say,” Before getting into these songs on an individual basis, I want to mention just how much I value everyone’s interpretation of them. There’s nothing more gratifying than speaking with someone who’s listened to and appreciated your music, and when they’ve actually taken the time and paid the mind to something that you’ve done, enough to be able to derive their own meaning from it, it’s truly humbling.

“With that being said, I obviously had my own themes as these songs were being written. I’m breaking down the lyrical content of these songs below as I write them myself, however, I want to be really clear that all 4 of us in this band own these songs. We write the music together, as a group, and that includes melodies and harmonies. Also, it’s difficult to be vague through a practice like this, so I apologize if my descriptions taint anyone’s personal interpretations. OK buds, it’s time to party.”



Navid Manoochehri, Lauren Haile, Paul Haile, Eliott Whitehurst

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