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13. June 2017 By Walter Price 0

Jaime Wyatt Giving Back the Best of Me (single/video)

Jaime Wyatt – Felony Blues available now at Forty Below Records. jaime wyatt by Walter Price   The history of California country is deep and mostly underappreciated. The Bakersfield sounds of Buck Owens, Wyatt Stewart, and Merle Haggard as well as the country rock movement I among many others credit to The Flying Burrito Brothers then later the LA Cowpunk scene that saw X, Dwight Yoakam and Social Distortion make waves. Of late more and more artists are taking notice and delving into a sort of a renaissance. Unfortunately, mimicry and merely scratching the surface of what came before them. Los Angeles, CA’s Jaime Wyatt has had a storied career in music, and it’s been a bit more self-imposed rough and tumble journey than a fairytale. Her stunning new release, Felony Blues, takes the songwriter’s, past addictions, an 8-month stint in jail (for robbing her drug dealer), downward spiral after a lost record deal in directions that are heartbreaking and inspiring. Tactile songs that prosper and twist n the harsh realities. Songwriting that easily surpasses many of Wyatt’s contemporaries. On Felony Blues you’ll find plenty of understanding and respect for the history of California country. Classic sounds wrapped in cinematic verses that are honest, beautiful, haunting and hopeful. Hope as in an artist’s life starting anew while keeping the past close to the vest.  


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  VIDEO directed by Ryan Jorgensen