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Tour: Terry Lee Hale

The Long Draw
(Out Now)

By Walter Price

Terry Lee Hale is on the road again in support of a long and winding career and his most recent stunning must have album, The Long Draw.
Check out his current dates below and have a look at our conversation before his previous tour.
From 12 January 2014:
There is something to be said about those rare albums that when you put it on you quickly find yourself sitting in the artist’s chair pondering their life’s journeys in almost mental tandem.
Terry Lee Hale’s The Long Draw (Glitterhouse) is one of these wonderful gems of an album. I say wonderful in the way that the story telling in verses couldn’t be done much better if Robert Earl Keen, Lou Reed or even JJ Cale had penned them. The lyrics don’t tell ‘wonderful’ stories in the sense that you’ll want to jump up and dance a jubilant jig but ponder all the facets and experiences that brought this man to write such poignant vignettes. 
Terry Lee has certainly used his long life’s journeys to complete what should be a must have album here. From his roots in Texas to his home in Paris and all the stops and people along the way have made an impression on the writing here. (Possibly I should I say a good portion of them…I would assume he has several more albums in his pen and voice to go.)
Terry Lee doesn’t miss on the 8 tracks of sometimes haunting and always picturesque musings on The Long Draw and you can pick up the album and hear for yourself. Do it. Then you can catch Terry Lee out on the road in Europe in a few days’ time. If you’re into masterful guitar work backing powerful and moving verses, catch a date….
I caught up with TLH to ask him a few ‘5 Things…’ questions and here is our chat.
Chris Eckman has been a part of your life.music career for some time now. What are 5 things he brings to the recording process you couldn’t do without?
  1. A great pair of ears 
  2. A deep knowledge of the pluses and minuses of a studio
  3. Innate musicality ability 
  4. Honesty 
  5. Patience
Congratulations on The Long Draw, amazing indeed. What are 5 things you’d like people to know about the album?
  1. I worked my ass off on that record to make it good.
  2. I started off with more then 30 songs, recorded 9 and ended with 8
  3. I rewrote it many, many times.
  4. Bob Coke (the producer) and Milan Cimfy (mixing engineer), the musicians who contributed parts were all integral.
  5. I’m proud of what we all created.
You have been a part of several music scenes at different pivotal periods in music, what are 5 things you have taken away from those scenes in creating your own sound(s)?
  1. Chicago- that I am not a Bluesman nor will I ever be and I don’t pretend.
  2. Boston- Fingerpicking guitar, Country Blues, Rev. Gary Davis and a deep dislike of music Facists.
  3. Austin- the ‘soul’ of Texas music is one cornerstone of who I am as a musician and I don’t pretend.
  4. Los Angles- that I will never be a pop star and I don’t pretend.
  5. Seattle- I am what I am.
5 things that people should know about TLH that they probably don’t know.
  1. Hard work
  2. Thrift
  3. Honesty
  4. Patience
  5. Tenacity
5 things you’d like to see happen on the coming tour? 
  1. Positive turnouts
  2. The elevation of the music by all of us
  3. Satisfied folks at nights end
  4. The very last of the agent that ‘booked’ this tour
  5. A safe return to our homes for us all.
European Tour Stops
  • 28.04.2014 IT – Bergamo – Druso Circus
  • 29.04.2014 IT – Verona – Il Giarndino
  • 01.05.2014 HR – Zagreb – Vintage Industrial Bar
  • 02.05.2014 HR – Jazz Tunnel – Rijeka
  • 03.05.2014 SI – Ljubljana – Private
  • 05.05.2014 AT – Graz – Platoo
  • 06.05.2014 DE – Wetzlar – Cafe Vinyl
  • 08.05.2014 DE – Köln – Lichtung
  • 09.05.2014 DE – Norderstedt – Music Star
  • 10.05.2014 DE – Berlin – Berlin Guitars
  • 11.05.2014 DE – Berlin- Private
  • 13.05.2014 DE – Dresden – Blue Note
  • 14.05.2014 DE – Holzminden – ClubMusik
  • 15.05.2014 DE – Dortmund – SubRosa
  • 16.06.2014 DE – Haldern – Pop Music Bar
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