Top 5 Videos of the Year 2016
26. December 2016 By Walter Price 0

GTC Top 5 Videos of the Year 2016

Top 5 Videos of the Year 2016 as determined by Global Texan Chronicles.

Top 5 Videos of the Year 2016

by Walter Price


During The GTC’s best of lists each year we celebrate all the great music that was released during the previous 12 months. 2016 was another pretty good year indeed. But the music video arena caused the most grief in selecting the best of the best 2016. With that said, here are the Top 5 Music Videos.

All selections were featured by Global Texan during  2016 and our thoughts at the time will celebrate the rankings now.


5.  Eoin Dolan – Comfort in the Sound of Tomorrow

(featured 23. November 2016)

Singer/songwriter Eoin Dolan is certainly one of the most talented and interesting artists writing and releasing music these days  Recently Dolan released a stellar self-titled pop album you need to check out and now he has debuted a stunning Gavin Martyn directed video for the single “Comfort in the Sound of Tomorrow”. The track itself is a personal narrative of hope in tomorrow being new. This aspiration is wonderfully translated into interpretative dance by the mesmerizing  Karen McNamara on a dark beach further non.abrasively forcing the atmosphere of the song..

Bravo Eoin, Gavin and Karen.


Eoin Dolan Facebook / Website / YouTube / Bandcamp


4. Maija Sofia – Stains

(featured 21. August 2016)

This is Sofia’s most brilliant and well thought out visual to date. Hand in glove with the lyrical landscape. Insecurity, isolation and that need to move forward with those seemingly permanent dysfunctional memories lingering.


Maija Sofia: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud / Bandcamp

3. Destroy She Said – Letter to Odetta

(featured 26. January 2016)

Aussie rockers Destroy She Said have another thing coming or delivered if you will; a brand new video for their popular live hit “Letter To Odetta”. The Guy Jukes directed clip has been a long time coming as the band has been teasing us fans via their Facebook for what seems like centuries.

About the track itself guitarist Youngy told me, “The new single is probably as close as you get to a DSS love song. A live favorite for a while, now it has been recorded at Hothouse Audio, St Kilda, where the band made ‘Down To Dirty’ long player. When we laid the track down it really started taking on another life. We know the song is a bit of a departure, but we are keen to show the growth of the band as well.”

He continued on further about the music video as well explaining, “The video was shot in inner city Melbourne on the famous Chapel Street shopping strip in Prahran and in St Kilda on a pier called ”Brooks Jetty” which was demolished about 3 weeks later after some serious opposition from the local community.”

The video to the band was a real labor of love as we scripted the whole thing from begging to end and work as close as we could with the director Guy Jukes from Middle Earth Productions.”

The Police water boat scene happened by accident as guitarist Youngy explains” They turned up to see what was going on as we were filming, so we filmed them off the end of the pier which worked in our favor in the end”

I will say that the track/video is the most personal for DSS. It’s cool seeing the band in their element as they move through the story-line. I agree with Youngy as well with the thought of the band expanding their scope with this one. I admit I do not know how Australian rock radio works but if I was again a programmer anyplace in the world this track would be on high rotation and STAT!


DSS Facebook / Twitter


2. Selector Dub Narcotic – Hotter Than Hott

(featured 19. July 2016)

Hott rocks indeed. Fascinating sneaky beat, lyrical catch-all and a vibe undeniable catchy. Selector Dub Narcotic  (Calvin Johnson) “Hotter Than Hott” is a mischievous track, a song that reminds me of first hearing MC 900 Ft, Jesus and early Beck and moves like dancy poetry. It’s streetart in song.

Johnson told me this about the track,“Hotter than Hott” is a song composed on the run. Smoke put together the beat using some guitar bass drum bits & pieces he had around the house. When I heard it I knew it was the genesis for “hotter than Hott”. As I toured about the United States as a solo Calvin the words for the song formed and came together as a collection of sounds and images. Before we could say “Jack Robinson” I was dancing down an alley behind 4th Ave. in downtown Olympia and the video was born. The rest of the album arrived on its tail.”


Selector Dub Narcotic   Facebook Twitter Instagram


1. Billy Momo – Drive

(featured 7. October 2016)

The anticipation builds as fans of Sweden’s Rock N Roll ‘gypsies’ Billy Momo prepare to drop their new album Seven Rivers Wild November 11th. But fret not the short wait, the band has a video for the single “Drive” ready for your pleasures.

Here is exactly why this is probably best video of the year (so far). As Autumn sets in and Winter winks from a not too far distance, Drive’s visuals follow a brilliantly mixed group as they plan warm destinations of nowhere in particular. The punk, the future guitar hero, the hippie, the trench coated, the undecided… you get the idea. Their seeminglymundane day intertwined with the familiar and unknown and those are the days everyone remembers their entire life. The atmosphere is tactile and memories forming are unmistakable. So, as with their music as a whole, the video for “Drive” is comfort everyone can identify with.

BONUS FEATURES: Righteous guitar solo and watch the video to the end for a life lesson.


Billy Momo: Facebook / Website / Twitter / YouTube




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