Rockefeller Christmas Address
23. December 2016 By Walter Price 0

Eoin Dolan Rockefeller Christmas Address

Rockefeller Christmas Address the new track explained by Eoin Dolan

Rockefeller Christmas Address

by Eoin Dolan


On the global stage, 2016 has been 12 months of pure madness. From the pontifications of Admiral Ackbar lookalike Nigel Farage to the hellish scenes of Aleppo, the world it seems is turning into the abyss. With all this in mind, I decided to put together a Christmas song to condense some of this emotion into melody and words of my own.

Rockefeller Christmas Address is essentially about the search for something better in the selfishness of the modern world. Love, compassion and kindness have been cast aside in favor of a cold populism that targets people’s petty tribalism and core primitive fears. I believe that this manifestation has not just been limited to the so called Alt-Right. It is something that is happening everywhere, right across the political and social spectrum, dividing people and communities throughout the globe. The growth of the internet has brought so much to society but it has also thrown considered thought onto the slag heap and replaced it with noise and instant answers. In 2016 this type of ground has provided a rich harvest of followers for the benefit of narcissistic leaders everywhere…


Its hard to keep positive but as my mother would say “Its better to light a candle than curse the darkness”.


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