Tommy Cullen Good Time
11. November 2023 By Walter Price 0


Tommy Cullen Good Time is available on Glow City, Apple Music, Deezer

Tommy Cullen Good Time

by Walter Price

If you’ve felt that you’re the only soul on this orb carrying too much weight, as hard as it may be to comprende—-you’re not alone. That’s the jist woven into Dublin singer-songwriter Tommy Cullen’s fresh new single, “Good Time”.

In a vibe someplace between Van Morrison and Rhett Miller, this track, as described by Cullen himself, is “a rousing anthem of disillusionment…”. A hazy day and coffee kind of song that lets you know that although you think you’re all alone in your woe-is-me conundrum as everyone else seems in seventh heaven, so to speak…You’re mistaken. We all have our discontentment.

It’s late
Your head in your hands, you say
I can’t do this much longer
I wish I could be stronger
I know it’s hell
I’ll help you when you help yourself
But do I really need to?
Do I really see you?

Don’t you worry now, don’t you cry
Nobody’s having a good time

Cullen, not only has a way of painting a humanistic scene, but he knows how to smooth the jagged emotional weight with his soft inviting folk vocals. Making “Good Time” is another example of why this songwriter is one to latch onto.

“Good Time ” is from Cullen’s debut album, “Glow City”. A release that has quite a different approach to not only reaching current and converts alike but to keep those followers immersed in the album’s journey as well. To quote the single’s onesheet, “Good Time’ marks the start of an immersive and unconventional release — Through an online experience called ‘Glow City’, fans will be able to hear the entire record ahead of the general public – along with bonus videos, stories and a look behind the scenes of the album’s creation.” To get in on the action, follow this link.

You can stream “Good Time” (for a live performance video), here at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Tommy Cullen

Written by Tommy Cullen

No other production credits were readily available.

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Through numerous releases Tommy has steadily grown an online following, reaching fans across the world and racking up a few streams along the way. With his return to the stage, an album on the way and nothing to fear but fear itself (and sharks), phase two begins… Now.” – bio

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