Til the End of the World
17. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

…I’ll love you, PAULINE ANDRES – Til the End of the World

Pauline AndrèsTil the End of the World is available on Apple Music, Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

For the past several years wandering soul, Pauline Andres has been dropping shadowy Americana gems. With her signature smoky voice and a knack for cinematic lyricism, this songwriter has gone her own way, and the dramatic sea change with her new single “Til the End of the World” is a surprising, not surprising shift from dive bar chic to dark zeitgeist pop.

Songwriter Andres shares, “I never thought the world was ending. I know a world is ending, which is the very definition of an apocalypse. That process started years ago. It’s gonna take a few more but we are obviously in the middle of it. I don’t know how exactly this will continue to manifest. But I’ve decided to be cool with it, to keep making art, and believe in the absolute, almost absurd power of love and music”.

Sometimes I cry coz I’m scared
Just like everybody else
What if this thing never ends?
Or what if it ends everything?

To me it don’t change a thing

I’ll love you til the end of the world
If it ends today
I’ll love you til the end of the world
If it never ends

The current era of the pandemic, social unrest, and the subsequent mental turmoil is either devastating or the foundation for thought-provoking art. Or perhaps both as Andres has proven with this new track and you can stream it and watch its darkly stylish and daunting news clip filled film, now at the GTC.

Til the End of the World

Artist photo courtesy of Pauline Andrès

Written, Performed, and Produced by Pauline Andres
Mixed by Joseph Chudyk and Pauline Andres
Mastered by Tichi and Pauline Andres

Til the End of the World

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I’ve been quietly entertaining the thought of making electronic music for a
while. I write every day and some songs call for a different approach. I’m still making Americana and Rock too. I don’t care much about genres anyway. But when the pedal steel guitars stopped playing in Nashville because of the lockdown, I naturally turned to my keyboard
.” – P. Andres

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