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Things You Can Buy Today 22 April 2014

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Keb’ Mo’ – ‘BLUESamericana(Kind of Blue)
“But Keb’ Mo’ worked with producer Casey Wasner to nail down “pure” sounds (at first, BLUESAmericana was going to be just Keb’ Mo’ and a guitar), and with pure music comes pure lyrics. Wasner doesn’t futz with the gospel flavorings of “Somebody Hurt You” or the Midwestern chug rock of “Move”. And on the 12 bar blues cover “That’s Alright”, something that Keb’ Mo’ does surprisingly little of, no modern elements are carelessly dropped into the mix. Besides, the protagonist of the Sam Chatmon tune is totally indifferent to his two-timing old lady. The dude in the center of the album’s opener “The Worst Is Yet To Come” takes his bad luck much harder. He wakes up from a bad night’s sleep, misses two meals, gets news that he’s about to lose his job, then notices that his car’s burning oil. Then the last verse: “Got back to my house, opened up the door / She took everything I had, and a dog took a shit on the floor / Lord have mercy, even the bedbugs up and run”. – John Garratt (popmatters.com)

Modern Rivals – ‘Cemetery Dares

“On Cemetery Dares, though, Modern Rivals push the opposite way. There are so many points at which the question, “who does that remind me of?”, is so brazenly permitted to arise that there’s only a very limited space left for the unique merits the band possess to shine. Those merits aren’t inconsiderable – it’s to their credit that despite the ubiquitous resemblance to others, Modern Rivals have produced a record that is as attractive as it is.” – Rory McCluckie (Unrecorded)

Fear Of Men – ‘LOOM(Kanine)

“This Brighton collective have hardly been neglected from inspirational avenues, driven by film – shorts – the arts, and of course that bat shit crazy city. The result is an obsessive rendition of severed faux-friendly indie, of the highest grade. “Baby sleep with me now, baby you’re my only friend,” chimes Jess Weiss on album opener Alta. Its bitter short, but as the front women’s wisps continue, the emotive dreams that run throughout this album are demonstrated in staggering lucidity.” – David Sullivan (artrocker.tv)

Sebastian Bach – ‘Give ‘Em Hell(Frontiers)

Jeb: The haters are going to say, “Bach sounds too good.  He’s got to be doctoring his voice.”
Sebastian: If somebody thinks it’s an expression of hate to tell me that I sound too good then they have got to do better than that.  That is my voice.  If you’ve been listening to me since my first album…I wasn’t doing anything on my first album in the studio.  I am not sure what ‘doctoring up my voice’ even means.  What do they think I am going to do to it?
Jeb:  My guess is that you worked very hard on the recording of this album.
Sebastian: I worked extremely hard, but anybody that wants to say something weird… well…  Number one, I don’t know what that means because that is me singing.  Number two, if somebody says I sound too good, I will just play them “Quicksand Jesus” or “Living on a Chain Gang.”  Every song of mine sounds great, so that is not a fluke, and if somebody thinks there is some kind of robot in the studio instead of me then I can’t do that on a Broadway stage, starring in not one Broadway show, but in four Broadway shows.  I don’t star in Jesus Christ Superstar eight shows a week for six months and not know how to sing.  You don’t star in Broadway shows if you’re faking it.  I don’t get that.  I didn’t do just one, I did fucking four Broadway shows.  Don’t talk to me about singing until you star in three or four Broadway shows (laughing). (Read Jeb Wright’s Full Interview w/ Sebastian Bach at Classic Rock Revisited)
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