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The Afghan Wigs – ‘Do to the Beast(SUB POP)

“I don’t start out with any kind of constitution of the record. I’ve really written songs the same way since I was a teenager, you know? I sit down, I work on a riff, I sing a scratch melody over the riff and try and figure out how I’m going to sing the song. And then I write words that are appropriate for the mood of the song. So you know, without fail, the sound of the music dictates what is going to be said in the songs.” – Greg Dulli (Interview Excerpt flavorwire.com w/ Elisabeth Donnelly)

Chuck E. Weiss – ‘Red Beans & Weiss(ANTI-)

“Weiss has had the extraordinary fortune to record his latest album Red Beans & Weiss without the pressure of a time clock. He began recording in October 2012 with strong encouragement by his friends and mentors, Tom Waits and Johnny Depp, who are executive producing this album, which all consider to be Weiss’ best work yet. Weiss began his career playing drums in hometown Denver, where he was discovered by Lightnin’ Hopkins and proceeded to tour and record with a surplus of legends, including Hopkins, Sunnyland Slim, Dr. John and Willie Dixon, who once said of Weiss something along the lines of, “Ain’t ya got ears son? That boy with the big old head be one of the best musicians in this town, this country even.”  – ANTI- Records.

Ian Anderson – ‘Homo Erraticus‘ 
In 1972, Jethro Tull released iconic concept album Thick As A Brick, based on a poem by child prodigy Gerald Bostock; in 2012, as fans wondered what happened to Bostock, Ian Anderson explored the different paths his life might have taken in Thick As A Brick 2. With Homo Erraticus, infant prodigy Gerald is back for real.
Following a 40 years’ political career, Bostock reunited with Anderson taking the role of tour manager on a string of shows. Homo Erraticus marks his return to songwriting, and it’s based on an unpublished manuscript by amateur historian Ernest T. Parritt (1865-1928).- Jethro Tull Website.

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