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††† (crosses) – †the epilogue

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“Crosses recently signed to Sumerian and announced they’d have some form of a release out on November 26, which we’ve learned from the above video will be a full length as opposed to a third EP by the band. I’m really, really digging “Epilogue” for the simple reason that it grooves really hard and isn’t just more of the same from vocalist Chino Moreno (Deftones, Palms). Whereas Moreno usually relies on long, held-out vocal performances over music, he really goes for it on this song and jam-packs it with some solid lines… and it’s really damn good. Like, hitting repeat a few times already good. Jam?” – Greg Kennelty (metalinjection.com)
“See The Light,” the band’s first proper full-length album in 5 years, is basically one big culmination of everything I love about Less Than Jake. Driving, distorted guitar lines, horn parts that are looked down on by elitist high school band kids and Streetlight Manifesto fans alike, melodies that get stuck in your head after a single listen, and some of the catchiest, most relatable lyrics you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing… it’s all here!” – Screeching Bottlerocket (dyingscene.com)

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