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Band Of Horses – Acoustic At The Ryman

“Band of Horses have created a gem of a live album, utilizing the Direct-Stream Digital format previously reserved for classical and jazz recordings to capture their crisp, beautifully tight performance over two nights last April at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, aka the Mother Church of Country Music…Done on acoustic guitar and piano, the music showcases the expressive vocals of band leader Ben Bridwell and tight harmonies of the band, which, as the closing “Neighbor” really captures, sounds like a rougher Crosby, Stills & Nash.” –  L. Kent Wolgamott (journalstar.com)

Neil Finn – Dizzy Heights

“There’s never been anything groundbreaking about Finn’s work, but he’s proved himself a very good songwriter and has earned a spot of indulgence. And boy does he indulge himself here. Opening with gospel track ‘Impressions’, he then moves from funk (‘Flying in the Name of Love’) to soulful blues (‘White Lies and Alibis’) via some weirdness that’s a cross between dubstep and whimsy on ‘Divebomber’. If these descriptions make no sense then good: this is as weird as Finn has ever been.” – Dan Lucas (drownedinsound.com)
Disco Doom – Numerals
“The album begins abruptly with “Ex Teenager”, sounding as if the listener is dropping by in the middle of an already in-progress song. In real time, your first reaction will be “wait, is this the first track?” And the second reaction will be “wow, this sounds a lot like Built to Spill.” The comparison is deserved – Disco Doom is using two members of the band while recording this album, after all – but this comparison shouldn’t be reductive. From “Ex Teenager”, Disco Doom only grows to separate themselves as their own entity, and in so doing, they become a two-headed beast. Numerals is split between these shaggy lo-fi rockers, and quiet, introspective piano-based interludes. The album quite literally jumps from one sound to the other.” – Alex Daniel (earbuddy.net)