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‘Reptile Brain Music’
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“Reptile Brain Music” is the third installment (fourth if we consider “In Concert”, an EP of cover songs) of Imperial State Electric’ Power Pop conquest of our planet. ISE is the (reptile?) brainchild of Nicke Andersson, fonder member of Entombed and The Hellacopters; the band started life when acclaimed punk n’ roll outfit, The Hellacopters, retired for good, leaving Nicke with the freedom of starting a new project that could reflect his ever increasing interest in sixties and seventies melodic rock n’ roll.” -Alle Royale (The GTC)
“Like so many country singers lately, Owen believes he’s more interesting when he’s drinking. Days of Gold (* * * out of four), his fourth album, begins by celebrating good times — though, interestingly, accompanied by a soundtrack of reggae (Beachin’) and classic rock (1972) rather than country.” – Brain Mansfield (USA Today)
With his raw, emotive voice and strong narrative storytelling, Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard has always earned Bruce Springsteen comparisons. And on his new EP, Drive All Night, Hansard pays tribute to the rock legend by covering one of the Springsteen’s classic tunes, “Drive All Night,” from the 1980s double-LP The River.  …  Drive All Night – which follows Hansard’s debut solo album, 2012’s Rhythm and Repose – will be released in physical format by Anti- Records on November 25th, with a digital release to follow on December 3rd. All proceeds from the digital version of “Drive All Night” will benefit the non-profit charity Little Kids Rock, which provides music education in public schools that have faced cuts in music programs.” – Ryan Reed (RollingStone.com)

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