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Honky Tonk Christmas

By A. Michael Uhlmann

Well – Christmas and Honky Tonkin’ normally just don’t go hand in hand, sin and salvation just don’t mix, it’s like water and oil. But the tradition is deep-rooted, and many a Honky Tonk singer, recorded gospel and/or Christmas albums as well. It almost has a catholic feel to it; go confess your sins, mumble some prayers, do some rosaries and you may be forgiven.

Whatever – Michael ONeill posted a great little ditty on my Facebook page called “Beer Can Christmas Tree (visit this site for a free download).” What a great idea and concept, and as you can see above it takes quite some work to achieve the task of building (emptying) an aluminum pyramid aka “Beer Can Christmas Tree.”

Well Michael allowed me in writing to share his song (with collaboration by Jimmy Baldwin) with y’all. (below) 

Well Honky Tonks are normally closed on Christmas Day as the majority of patrons stuff themselves with a 3500 calorie meal containing an amino acid called L-tryptophan and enough booze, wine and beer which puts them to immediate sleep and out of reach of any beer serving joint. The ones which are open may also attract the loners who want to share just one too many tears in their beers. Hank Williams recorded a song with that name in the early 50s but decided to not release it. Son Hank Jr. used  electronic merging technology and it seems as he would be playing with dad. That video was released in 1989 and was awarded the Video of the Year by the Country Music Association (CMA), it’s Californian counterpart the Academy of Country Music (ACM) and they were able to “share” a Grammy as “Best Country Vocal Collaboration.”

Well there is not much of a loner crowd in one of Austin’s fav Honky Tonks on Christmas night. For years one of Austin’s favorite Honky Tonkers, Dale Watson invites the “aamasses on Christmas into the Continental Club to celebrate, you guessed it a “Honky Tonk Christmas.” 

And now please eschcuse me, I gottttaaa wourk on miy Beer Can Chrischmasch tree. Happy Holidays y’all.

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