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9. February 2016 By Walter Price 0

The Y Axes Meteorite

the y axes music We look the same, never been much for sleep…

by Walter Price


Hey, The Y Axes! That San Francisco far out outfit of indie pop purveyors are at it again, this time with a more solid sound. Not to say that their Sunglasses & Solar Flares wasn’t a great listen but as I am a fan of watching progression unfold, their new single “Meteorite” finds the band finding their voice, their place in the indie pop ranks as so many greats I’ve ballyhooed before.

Their stellar arrangement here is simply all over the storied pop landscape, jangly sweetness only more perfected by the the guitar licks, righteous beats and the better than ever vocals of Alexi Belchere. This singer is certainly finding her way vocally and as the band rises they will have to accept the fact that much focus will be on this star in the making.

I think with this single, I read is one of several coming from the collective,  is that The Y Axes are just as deserving if not more so than their local contemporaries of any good press and/or success afforded them.


The Y Axes: Facebook / Bandcamp