The Heartbreak Store
14. November 2023 By Walter Price 0

…hurt I couldn’t keep, LIZZIE NO The Heartbreak Store

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The Heartbreak Store

by Walter Price

What price would you put on fading memories or momentos of love lost? Just imagine, that around the corner from a local branch of the Heartbreak Hotel, there was a shop that would take those tear-stained keepsakes off your hands and put a lil trying to moving-on comfort cash in your pockets. Lizzie No’s recent picturesque and aptly titled single, “The Heartbreak Store”, will give you directions to such a place.

Lizzie No has a lullaby voice that could sell you anything, and this song has some palpable verses on offer. “The cashier knows the drill/ I came to sell all the hurt I couldn’t keep/ And she gives me that box to fill/ Don’t know who’s buying what I’m selling cheap/ If I can’t fall out of love at least I’ll set it down…”. A scene formed so cinematically.

I’m new to the Lizzie No-verse and intend to stay a spell.

“The Heartbreak Shop” is from the forthcoming album “Halfsies” expected on January 19, 2024, via Thirty Tigers/Miss Freedomland. As you pre-order, you can stream the memories for sale single, here at the GTC.

LIZZIE NO The Heartbreak Store

Artist photo, lyrics, and artwork via Bandcamp

Vocals: Lizzie No
Background Vocals: Kate Victor
Background Vocals: Ali Fenwick
Background Vocals: Jessi Olsen
Background Vocals: Yaz Hoffman-Shahin
Drums & Percussion: Fred Eltringham
Acoustic Guitar: Brian Seligman
Pedal Steel: Josh Grange
Bass Guitar: John Daise
Electric Piano, Electric Organ: Donovan Duvall
Mixing Engineer: Patrick Dillett
Mastering Engineer: Greg Obis
Producer: Patrick Dillet, Lizzie No, Graham Richman

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So if you’re hurting, crying, lying on the bedroom floor
Come on down to the heartbreak store
Bring your memories; his house keys can’t stay on the ring no more
Sell em all at the heartbreak store

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