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The Blank Tapes Slow Easy Death & Tour

‘Slow Easy Death’

By Walter Price

It seems completely reasonable that The Blank Tapes’ Matt Adams would have an entire album of unreleased or ‘lost’ tracks sitting around his California domicile just waiting for the perfect time and mental state to have them combined in a singular package for the masses to hear a, perhaps, darker part of his psyche.
I have started this album (cassette/download) on several occasions and for whatever reason, maybe the same reasons it took Matt so long to let them out, I found myself going back to TBT’s earlier 2013 chillin’ easy feelin’ “Vacation”. 

I actually have no idea the reasons behind saving these tracks up but the collection seemed destined to be in one place.
I particularly enjoy the pessimistic leanings on “Nothing’s Gonna” (video by Pearl Charlesbelow), the almost smokey noir textures of “You’re My Rider” (could be the horn), the haunting ‘what if’ thoughts of death of “27” and the magnificent opener “You’re Right”.
I can only think of three singer/songwriters who could successfully assemble such a beautifully chilling collection of songs Hope Sandoval, the late Mark Sandman and Matt Adams.  “Slow Easy Death” is an album (cassette/download) definitely  worth exploring. (Only $5 US)
Things keep getting better…
The Blank Tapes are about to hit the road again and this time with Jonathan Wilson! A US,  21 date, trek starting 1 February in Las Vegas and ending up in my ole stomping grounds of Austin, TX. Can You Dig It!
Be sure to catch a show and grab one those new t-shirts designed by Matt himself and take it easy…
Hey, I also asked Matt a handful of questions about the upcoming tour.
2013 was a pretty righteous and prolific year for TBT. Why not take it easy and relax the first part of 2014? Momentum?
I actually just took the biggest break from shows I’ve taken in over 10 years this January. I’ve never gone for a month without a Blank Tapes show (other than the occasional impromptu party).  That being said, I’m ready to hit the road again, though I’m hesitant to leave the eternal Summer weather of Southern California.
Besides the new tour with Jonathan Wilson, can you spill the proverbial beans on any other TBT projects we can look forward to this year?
We have a new 7″ coming out soon on VOLCOM, then a studio album called GEODESIC DOME PIECE and a home recorded album HWY. 9 coming out sometime in the new year. Plenty more where those came from.  Got at least 5 albums almost done.
Speaking of the tour, this is a pretty intensive one. Something like 21 stops in 26 days, what’s your secret to maintaining the good-times on a tight schedule?
All our tours are pretty intensive.  We usually try to stay busy while we’re on the road.  Days off are days without making money.  Besides, we like playing.  There’s no real secret to keeping the good times going, other than giving each other a little space from time to time.  Smoking a joint helps too.
You’re going to have people hearing/seeing you live for possibly the first time. Can you give them a hint on what to expect this outing?
This tour will actually be quite different then the last few.  The biggest change is that Pearl will be playing guitar and percussion instead of the cocktail drum kit and my old drummer friend from Seattle, Spencer Grossman, will be joining us on the full drum kit.  With this set up we’ll be able to play a ton of songs we weren’t really able to perform live before.
Last but not least, what are 5 things TBT would like to see happen on or to come out of this tour?  Hmmm, I can’t help but be really obvious with my answers.  1.  Make some new fans.  2. Sell our new shirts.  3.  Free weed.  4. Getting to know Jonathan Wilson and his band a bit better.  5.  More tours…
  • 2/1 Las Vegas, NV – Gold Spike*
  • 2/4 Denver, CO – Hi-Dive*
  • 2/5 Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre
  • 2/6 Kansas City, MO – Knucklehead’s*
  • 2/7 St Paul, MN– Turf Club
  • 2/8 Chicago, IL   – Lincoln Hall
  • 2/10 Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern
  • 2/11 Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
  • 2/12 New York City, NY – Mercury Lounge*
  • 2/14 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • 2/15 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
  • 2/16 Washington, DC – 6th & I
  • 2/17 Wilmington, NC – The Calico Room*
  • 2/18 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
  • 2/19 Charlotte, NC – Visulite Theatre
  • 2/20 Atlanta, GA – Terminal West
  • 2/21 Asheville, NC – Jack in the Wood*
  • 2/22 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
  • 2/24 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s (downstairs)*
  • 2/25 Dallas, TX   – Club Dada
  • 2/26 Austin, TX – The Parish
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