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26. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Not mad my friend, WKND SPIN: TARAH WHO? – “Hurt”

Tarah Who – ’64 Women’ is available now @ Apple Music.

by Walter Price

That gnawing gut-wrenching feeling unsteadily teetering between I know better and good riddance is palpable and far too familiar. And indie-powerhouse Tarah Who?’s recent single “Hurt” is this turbulent dichotomy.

Now you’re off living a married life. I wonder if she knows, I wonder what she knows.
All the secrets that we’ve shared, have you told her?
Your dirty little secrets too?
She must think that she’s finally found. “The perfect man”, someone that she can trust,
Oh, you know. so well.. how to play this part so…
No, I’m not mad my friend.

From the band’s latest EP, ’64 Women’, the track is a straightforward, undoubtedly firsthand, tale of watching the one move on. Taking pieces of you, your deep-rooted unknowns, and seemingly discard it all and ostensibly not caring about the mental devastation caused. Yet, if you know the trickster’s own dark foibles, does it give you an upper hand? It’s complicated.

Although this is a heavy storyline and the weight of the emotional honesty will soundtrack your next breakup, sonically, this single is the ‘softest’ of the five on the EP. A sturdy, well-produced, collection with its stinging lyrics set in an admixture of garage, metal, punk, and hints of prog. Simply, the whole thing is an unconventional riot. As singer Tarah Carpenter’s raw vocal dexterity is undeniable.

Take ‘Hurt’ and ’64 Women’ for a spin and add both to your weekend/summer playlist…we have @ the GTC WKND SPIN.

For fans of L7, Black Swift, 4 Non Blondes and the energy of Motörhead.


Tarah G. Carpenter – Coralie Hervé – Joey Southern

“HURT ” by Tarah Who?
Directed by Javier Arcelus C.
Co-Director Benny “The Jet” Urquidez
Produced: Maria Quintana, Apoorv A.
Co-Producer: Nupur Mehrotra

Edited by: Mairi Sõelsepp
VFX and CC: Mairi Sõelsepp
SXF: Fernando J. Alanis

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