Tripoli - Sunny Day After a Storm
6. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

…this dark road, TRIPOLI Sunny Day After a Storm

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by Walter Price

I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity to introduce you to a beautiful albeit melancholic song that has a message that will, unfortunately, resonate with far too many around the world. The track is titled “Sunny Day After a Storm” by Mexico City’s incomparable Tripoli.

I’d like to share this unabridged quote provided to the GTC, it details the song’s harrowing storyline, “Sunny Day After a Storm,” which tells the story of a person who survived an abusive relationship so severe that it could have easily ended their life.

“The song starts with the victim being driven away from the home once shared with an abusive spouse by a family member, with that first verse exploring the awkward interaction between the family member and the victim who finally asked for help in escaping the incredibly toxic relationship.

Later on, in the second verse the victim shows their feelings when it comes to the incident years after it happened, showing that despite having healed, the trauma still lives on. All of this is surrounded by the chorus which asks the questionWhen was it enough?”

Enduring any sort of physical or mental abuse, at any age, is ultimately a prison sentence of sorts for its victims. But, perseverance is always possible, and maybe holding on to this kind of hope is the guiding light that helps each survivor carry on for another day. Regardless of the indelible scars.

This emotional single with its delicate yet powerful harmonies and cinematic verses being traded back and forth by Tripoli’s Misha and Jæk as guitarist Crotter and Javier lay down the bittersweet texture, it clearly reminds us of this daunting journey. Dramatic and lush, this song will move you…to tears, it’s inevitable.

You can stream the soul-stirring “Sunny Day After a Storm” as well as see its stark performance music video, now at the GTC.

TRIPOLI Sunny Day After a Storm

Band photo, artwork, quotes courtesy of Crotter Press // Tripoli


Mixing: Pablo Rojas
Co-producer: Javier Sanchez

Shot by Jacinto Cruz
Camera: Mafer Vega

Tripoli - Sunny Day After a Storm

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Was it the taste of blood
That shook me to my core
Or was it the loveless eyes
That told me it’s enough

This dark road at night
Leaves cover your ground
So much I could say
But can’t work out a word

When was it enough

Where you are today
I don’t wanna know
Most my wounds have healed
But not those in my soul

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