the sunday reeds
21. July 2021 By Walter Price 0


The Sunday Reeds – Drive You Mad EP is available at Bandcamp, SoundCloud.

the sunday reeds

by Walter Price

What’s the best rock n roll band that you may have never heard of. And if you have, your knotted up soul needs a swift reminder? It’s Adelaide, Australia’s very own The Sunday Reeds! And today let’s revisit the trio’s stellar 2020 EP called ‘Drive You Mad’.

This set, like much of their historied catalog, is full of Pixies and Bratmobile eras punk salted alt-rock with an abundance of 1960s pop sensibilities. And I’d challenge any of you music geeks to find a single flaw. Literally, some of the crunchiest guitar licks provided by the incomparable Drew Jones, Sarah “Shakey” Portaro killing it on the kit, and, of course, Romana Ashton’s seductive powerhouse vocals. While standout tracks such as “How to be a Girl” and “Cult Girl” will drive ya wild, this album is a cohesive set and should be listened to from top to bottom on repeat before you mistakingly part it out.

A huge shout-out to the brilliant talent that is Penny Ikinger for a recent post that re-sparked my need to take this EP and these Australian garage rock heroes for another spin.

Hey Kid, you got nothing to lose… “Drive You Mad’ is drop-dead cool! Witness it for yourself, now at the GTC…


+ Drowning in my Love

Band photo by Bryan Lynagh

Romana Ashton: Vocals, Bass
Drew Jones: Guitars
Sarah “Shakey” Portaro: Drums
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Kite at Against the Grain Studios.
Photography: Bryan Lynagh
Tracks 1, 3, 5 by Ashton/Jones
Tracks 2,4,6 by Ashton

the sunday reeds

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Drop Dead Cool
It’s You
How to be a Girl
Slow Burn
Cult Girl

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